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Rec Center Next To Brewster Projects Is Probably Dunzo Too

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[Photos via Detroit Urbanex]

The Brewster-Douglas housing towers, which are nearing the end of the demolition process, might just have another partner in their disappearing act and —watch out—because the boxing community is upset. The city now wants to tear down the adjacent Brewster Wheeler Recreation Center. Turns out the rec center, built in 1929, was where Joe Louis, the boxer who was World Heavyweight Champion from 1937-49, used to train. Will they add insult to injury and use downtown's Joe Louis Fist to knock it over? Back when Bing was Mayor of Detroit he said the building would be saved, which really makes Duggan look like the bad guy now. The current Mayor's spokesman told the Freep, " it is slated to come down this fall unless someone presents a workable redevelopment plan."

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