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The "Care Building," From Kid Rock's Video Will Be Demo'd

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That dilapidated building downtown that urges you to "CARE" in all caps will be demolished, thanks to a judge's ruling. As reported in MT yesterday, a judge declared, "a high wind can easily knock the east wall down ... and injure or kill members of the public." The five-story structure does indeed look rough on the sides not ordering you feel your feels. This demo matters to the city because "CARE" is adjacent to the former Statler Hotel site (where that building was already demolished), which is being redeveloped. The loser of the lawsuit, filed by the city, is Anthony Pieroni, of Triple-A Ventures, who had previously won roughly $1.8 M in a settlement after the demo of the Statler damaged the "CARE." The building gained the fifteen-foot "CARE" sign in order to perform as the backdrop of a Kid Rock music video that was shot in 2011. In it, the owner of pretty sweet mansion near the Detroit Mayor's residence, Robert James Ritchie, belts out "I can't change the world and make things fair / the least that I can do is CAAAAARREEE." So true, Kid. Especially when it comes to dilapidated Detroit property.

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