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Is It Still Fair to Call the Cass Corridor "Hardscrabble?"

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Today Det News reporter Laguilar informs us that the Cass Corridor is still a hardscrabble neighborhood. This raises two important questions. Why is Scrabble so damn hard, and where is the Cass Corridor? Google has an answer for the second question which we've mapped in a reddish tone above. While the lower part of the Cass Corridor certainly has some vacant buildings and impoverished residents, that upper part is looking fairly upper crust. Is this neighborhood classification really fair?
Upper Cass Corridor is basically Shinola City, the luxury retail mecca of Midtown Detroit (bikes go for more than $2,000). It's also home to La Feria's, the very middle-upper class Spanish Tapas restaurant, Willy Overland Lofts, and that place that all the suits hold their Midtown meetings—Great Lakes Coffee. None of those places would even remotely qualify as hard scrabble and the surrounding housing stock is now renting for roughly $2 a square foot.

While it is not a Det News reporter's fault that Detroit neighborhoods are hard to pin down and accurately depict, we just can't have Upper Cass's glowing reputation tarnished by these bad words. Let's all help a Det News reporter out and consider re-naming either Upper Cass, Lower Cass or both. Preferred nabe name suggestions will be spelled out in Scrabble tiles and emailed or tweeted to Curbed Detroit.

BTW some 9,000 SF building sold for $275,000.
· One of last remaining Chinatown-era buildings sold in Detroit [The Detroit News]