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An Interesting Opportunity to Buy In Eastern Market

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[Photos via Jim Tumey]

This $395,000 listing in Eastern Market is quite interesting, dare we even say appealing? There are not many interior photos but there are four one-bedroom apartments, each with a washer and dryer and high ceilings. Located across from the Red Bull Art House of Art, it is definitely in a good spot. It is 7,000 square feet total, and the listing claimed the monthly rental income is 3,200. However, the parking situation is unclear.

UPDATE 10:48 a.m.: The Loft Warehouse just sent us more interior photos. They are after the jump now.
UPDATE 4:02 p.m.: Curbed was later asked to remove all of the interior photos. Sorry if you missed them.
· 1568 Winder [The Loft Warehouse]
· Historic 4-Unit Loft building [Max Brock Realtors]