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The Detroit Savings Bank Is Mid-Renovation; Let's Take A Tour

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[Photos via Michelle and Chris Gerard]

The Detroit Savings Bank, part of three major Capitol Park renovations by Karp & Associates, made major strides over the summer. Curbed Detroit took a tour of the building this week to get a sneak peek at the upper floor apartments and office space renovations. They are aiming to finish the building by the end of the year which would mean apartment leases start in January. There will be 56 apartments total, with two-story apartments on the 12th floor. The Archdiocese of Detroit has a 20 year lease on office space from the basement through the 5th floor. There is also a retail space on the first floor.

This will be the first redevelopment that Karp and Associates completes in the city of Detroit. The second will be the the Capitol Park building, just across the street. The third building the company will begin working on is the Farwell building, also on Capitol Park, which will start construction next year.
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