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The David Whitney Building Releases Floorplans, Pricing

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We heard some rumors last month that design genius Joe Posch, owner of midtown's Hugh store for bachelor pad style, had been hired to furnish and decorate a model unit in the David Whitney building. Then suddenly there were photographs of a furnished apartment on the official David Whitney website. The building, which is undergoing renovation into a hotel with upper floor rental apartments, is expected to be completed by the end of the year. Let's take a look at what one of those rentals will run you. >>

Apartments start above the hotel on floor 10 and run up to floor 18. We found one-bedrooms on the lowest apartment floor running $1,050 for 569 square feet. That smallest unit has a view of the interior courtyard. A 1,273 square foot unit on the 10th floor, with two bedrooms, rents for $2,400 for a corner unit.

↑ A typical one-bedroom corner unit floorplan. This one is 609 square feet for $1,225.

Up on floor 18, a courtyard unit with 569 square feet is $1,250. A corner unit on that floor, with two bedrooms and 1,273 square feet is $2,600. There's also one three-bedroom on this floor with 1876 square feet asking $3,750. Floorplans, square footage, and pricing are now viewable on the David Whitney site.

↑ Here's the 18th floor's three-bedroom floorplan.

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David Whitney Building

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