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Hamtramck Landlord Asking Over $2.1K For Live/Work Space

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This post was authored by Serena Maria Daniels

Can't afford Midtown or downtown Detroit rents? Common knowledge suggests taking your rent check over to Hamtramck, where more often than not about $600 a month will get you a pretty decent one or two-bedroom flat.

Well it looks like developer Henry Velleman of Progressive Poletown Properties is trying to bring Midtown/downtown rents to Hamtown. In a posting on his website, he lists a 2,800-square-foot work/live space for a wopping $2,150 a month.

Described as a "split-level, superbly designed and fixtured" loft space at 9342 Joseph Campau, "uniquely engineered for small, art/web-related businesses," Velleman is clearly trying to appeal to professionals with pockets deep enough to spend that kind of dough (also ideal, he says, for an architect, lawyer or other professional type). The one bed, one bath property has hardwood floors throughout, modern kitchen and bath, high ceilings and from the looks of the photos gets great lighting from the fixtures and windows.

Don't get us wrong, the place looks impressive. But still, $2,150? In Hamtramck? For that, you could rent 1.5 apartments at the Claridge House building downtown. Or a NoCo lower flat for about $1,200 a month and keep the change. Or almost four Hamtramck units.

Velleman lists a dozen other spaces on his site. Some are advertised as combo live/work properties, others strictly commercial office space, ranging between $950 and $1,650. Velleman tells Curbed all those properties, plus about 10 more not listed are all occupied. He tells us this mega loft became available last week, but it's been listed on his website for much longer than that. We are keeping our eyes out to see who goes for this asking price.