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Tour The Progress of The Castle Renovation Happening Now

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[Photos by Michelle and Chris Gerard]

It has been almost 8 months since we last looked inside the GAR building, Downtown Detroit's castle renovation. The building is aiming to finish up by the end of the year (more on that soon) and last week we got a look at the progress.

Goodness this place was filled with workers last week. Every floor has activity. On the ground floor a horse-shoe shaped bar is being installed in what will be the Republic restaurant. The other ground floor restaurant, Parks and Rec Diner, is also moving right along. Upstairs on the top floor, the firm that owns the building, Mindfield, is preparing an office where they will relocate from the top of the Library Street Lofts building.

It has been three years since the building was bought. When it is completed it will be the first time the castle building has been occupied in over 30 year.
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The GAR Building

1943 W. Grand River , Detroit, MI 48226