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Midtown Auction Property Officially Returned to Owners

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It has been a wild ride this week for the property at 580 Frederick. First it was in the tax auction, then it was auctioned, then it was returned to the owners who did not know it was in the auction when the auction started. The Detroit News explains what happened

The Detroit Water and Sewerage Department canceled its lien and an outstanding $1,700 water bill that had ballooned to $3,800 with late fees. And without the lien, Wayne County is required to reverse the foreclosure and sale.The property got 177 bids online. ·Medical group to regain Dunbar hospital ownership [The Detroit News]
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· Detroit civil rights symbol Dunbar Hospital going to highest bidder [The Detroit News]
· Detroit's first black hospital hits tax auction with $3,800 starting bid [MCM]
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