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Four Tax Auction Properties' Combined Sales Top $1 Million

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This post was authored by Serena Maria Daniels

Updates on the Wayne County Tax Auction have been trickling in this week as closing ended on Wednesday. It appears there are at least four big-ticket items this time around, which combined, sold for just over $1 million. All are focused in or around Midtown.

The largest bid won appears to be at 457 E Kirby, a five-story, brick apartment building within walking distance to the Detroit Institute of Arts, which sold for $661,000. Starting bid, $99,500.

Next is a two-flat at 666 W Forest. Notes on the Why Don't We Own This site say that as of Sept. 5, this property was occupied. Bids started at $46,900 and ended at $219,000.

We then jump over to 5850 Fourth St., a brownstone, with at least four units and a short distance from Wayne State, that sold for $141,000, original asking price, $6,800.

In the nutzo parking department, last week we brought you a parking spot in the Park Shelton garage, foreclosed on after racking up $4,800 in unpaid taxes and fees. Well that single space sold for $35,300. That's more than many houses in Detroit, buy hey, it's a prime spot in congested Midtown. Surely, the investment will save the buyer plenty of parking tickets in the future.
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