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Hamtramck's First McMansion Nears Completion

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This post was authored by Serena Maria Daniels

[Photo: Facebook]

Over the past several months, construction of a brand-spanking-new, brick McMansion-style home has been underway in the south side of Hamtramck. That's quite an unusual sight for the tiny 'hood, considering most of the housing in Hamtown consists of 1910-era, wood-frame two-flats with peeling siding.

Curbed Detroit has learned that the property, on the 8800 block of Lumpkin, is owned by a large family, who lived in a home on the same lot before it caught fire. It's clear whether the family has yet moved into this multi-story house, but it does appear to be the city's first in-fill development, aside from a sprinkling of newer homes built as part of a decades-old, historic housing discrimination lawsuit against Hamtramck. No details on what the interior looks like. Curbed will be on the lookout for photos in the near future.
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