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UPDATED: Expensive Delray Shack Previously Sold for $4,900

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This post was authored by Serena Maria Daniels

Looking to buy a cozy, near-riverfront historic home, with ample room for an urban garden? That can all be yours at the low, low price of $42,500.

When we say cozy, that's code for 821 square-feet, two-bedrooms, two bathrooms. Historic, as in built in 1898 and ample garden space refers to the over-grown grass taking over the surrounding lots.

The home, at 537 S. Post St., sits smack dab in the middle of the embattled Delray neighborhood, a mostly industrial swath of southwest Detroit, under the shadow of Matty Moroun's Ambassador Bridge. Advertised on Estately today as within the attendance area of Roberto Clemente Academy and Western International High School, one has to wonder if this rather shabby shack is family-friendly or if the high price tag is part of Moroun's Monopoly ploy.
UPDATE: 3:10 p.m. A tipster tells Curbed this property previously sold for $4,900 in 2002.
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