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Ex-Detroiters Invited to Buy Parcels Surrounding Arena District

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This post was authored by Serena Maria Daniels

Red Wings Arena District. [Photo: Dennis Allain Renderings]

Calling all Detroit ex-pats, become a part of Red Wings Arena history by scooping up one (or 10) of 100 land parcels surrounding the dazzling entertainment district, which is to break ground within a week. So goes a call to action by Chris Ilitch to the 150 or so former Detroiters who attended the much-hyped Detroit Homecoming event this week.

The breaking news-packed blitz put on by Crain's Detroit attracted billionaire moguls Dan Gilbert, Warren Buffet and Whole Foods co-CEO Walter Robb who, as reported by Twitter, patted themselves on the back for the revitalization of the city's urban core. The first-ever event was aimed at getting successful former Detroiters to dip into their purse strings to lend a hand in the city's revival.

Not invited, Curbed Detroit. Or any other media, for that matter, aside from the sponsoring Crain's and WXYZ, which was supposed to live-stream the entire event. The non-invitation came at irking of Metro Times' Michael Jackman, who called the feel-good redevelopment event "a bunch of crap."

There was plenty of Tweeting of what's to be built in the Motor City, however. Curbed and Eater Detroit contributor Serena Maria Daniels built a Storify to give readers a glimpse of what's went on.
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