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Here Are Three Fixer Uppers That Sold For $1,000 in Detroit

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The Detroit Land Bank, which auctions off properties online with starting bids of $1,000, has been listing two properties a day most days since May. Some have sparked mini-bidding wars while others go for the absolute minimum price of $1,000. All of them need work, but are folks scoring great deals at lowest possible closing price? Keep in mind that the Land Bank is not a lawless auction like the Wayne County foreclosure auction. Buyers get 6-9 months to demonstrate that they are fixing up the dilapidated homes or they risk losing them. You should read the rules.

2293 Pingree
Someone actually scored two $500 homes on this one, since it is a duplex. Located in Virginia Park, it has a few notable features like a large front porch and balcony, brick fireplaces, hardwood flooring, and some tile. Suggested repairs are extensive including kitchen and bathroom overhauls. It was purchased by a bidder with the screen name Natedogg.

7808 Senator
This one is located in Springwells which is part of Southwest Detroit. Built in 1915, the 1,300 square-foot home has a front porch, hardwood floors and wood trim. Suggested repairs include installing new gutters and improving the plumbing, along with kitchen, and bathroom repairs. It sold to RogelioRojo.

2990 Fullerton
If it weren't for a very boarded up kitchen, this Russell Woods property would be in semi-decent shape. It is also a duplex and the leaded glass windows are indeed eye catching. The fireplace and decorative moldings make this one a real stand out. It went to bidder M.Rivers.