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WSU's Old Mortuary Science Building Sells Condo For $372K

When last we checked in on the Condos at the Springfield Lofts there was a listing for $385K. This is the building that was taken over by Wayne State's Mortuary Science program in the 1950 to teach students how to prepare bodies for burial. That previous condo, Unit 6, is pictured in this post and closed below ask at $324,000 in May. Then its closing price was out-done by Unit 4, which managed to get $372,300 when it closed at the end of August. How different was the interior? There are not photos available online at this point. And then there was another sale in the building.

It didn't go as high at Unit 4, but shortly after Unit 5 Unit 7 sold as as well. With a closing date of September 2, that one fetched $357,000. What busy year for one little building.
· Live in Wayne State's Old Mortuary Science Building For $385K [Curbed Detroit]