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First Round of The Wayne County Tax Auction Ends Tomorrow

Bidding in the Wayne County Tax Auction began September 4. Each property has open bidding for multiple days so it was not until last week that bidding rounds started to close, revealing the purchase prices. Bidding ends for the whole shebang tomorrow. For this round of the Tax Auction, the starting bid is the sum of the taxes owed and fees. A deposit of $2,000 was required to bid on one property and a deposit of $5,000 was required to bid on more than one. Let's take a look at what some folks bought this year.

↑ Here's a garagey thing that someone bid $155,001 for. It was built in 1977. The starting bid was just $16,200.
· 547 E Milwaukee [WDWOT]

↑ The final bid on this apartment building was $152,000. In 2007 the building sold for $535,000. It is currently vacant and there are at least four apartments. Could be exciting to watch this one transform, if the winner has the cash to pull that off.
· 741 Seward [WDWOT]

↑ Apparently this is a commercial structure, and someone bid $136,000. The starting bid was $52,600 and it totally seems like it should be some sort of house of pancakes from Picasso's Blue Period.
· 19505 W Grand River [WDWOT]
· Four Tax Auction Properties' Combined Sales Top $1 Million [Curbed Detroit]