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Park Avenue Building Owner Ordered To Secure It

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The owner of the Park Avenue Building at the corner of Grand Circus Park has been ordered by the court to clean it up. Defendant Ralph Sachs was in court yesterday for his "nuisance" property which he has allowed to become dilapidated. He was also the owner of the Hotel Charlevoix, which got so bad it had to be torn down. Can the courts prevent another downtown demo?

The court has ordered Sachs to remove broken glass from the windows and board the building up. He also has to board up the first floors so that trespassers (scrappers?) cannot enter and to prevent weather damage. The work must be done by a professional contractor.

In addition, graffiti, signs and debris must be removed. Sachs has until November 14 to make the repairs and he is required to get permits for work on the building, which will include securing it from falling bricks. He is due to report the repairs are completed by November 21. The court document obtained by Curbed states that this is not a final judgement and that the case against Sachs shall continue.
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