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Freep Claims Detroit Development Having "Watershed" Moment

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Downtown Detroit. Photo by Michelle and Chris Gerard

The Freep put out a big feel-good Sunday article yesterday, claiming development in Detroit is better than it has been in 40 years, since the Ren Cen was built (and failed to bring the Ren).

With a planned international bridge, streetcar line, 44-block arena and entertainment district, revamped riverfront and lots of housing, greater downtown Detroit seems finally at a long-predicted watershed moment.

Granted, the international bridge doesn't have land yet, the streetcar will only be three miles, and the arena district funding pissed tax payers off, but YAY. It could be and has been a lot worse.

The article goes on to give you the catch, because there always is one, right? The biggest is that crime and schools are still major problems with no easy resolution. On the real estate side there's also the possibility we might sell an airport in the Bankruptcy settlement, the fact that M1-rail does not have an expansion plan outside the city of Detroit, and the possible rebuilding of I-375.
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