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Where's That Dome Renovation We Were Promised?

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Photos by Nick Hagen.

Two years ago, we reported that the Dome house behind the train station was being renovated by partners Scott Griffin and Angel Gambino. At the time they were also the co-owners of 2051 Rosa Parks, the former site of Curbed Detroit HQ. Curbed Detroit has since moved out of that office (technically we were evicted) and Gambino and Griffin have split. While Gambino, the sole owner of 2051 Rosa Parks, is renovating her building, there has been no progress at The Domes, owned by Griffin.

We've heard from several interested parties that they have contacted Griffin offering to buy the Domes. So far no deals have been sealed. Griffin is believed to have left Detroit entirely and is now residing in New York. If anyone knows more, leave us a tip or a comment. We'll let you know if Griffin ever gets back to us.

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