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Park Shelton Thinks The Condo Market Might Have Improved

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[Photos of a two-bedroom model unit]

The Park Shelton building was renovated in 2004, turning the former hotel into 227 condos. And then the condo market crashed. Hard. The developers smartly turned a whole bunch of unsold units into rentals. But just this month six apartments where the leases have expired are now for sale from the developer. Is the condo market healthy again? Well they are not sold yet and the building still has about 60 rentals remaining.

Available units:
Unit 731: Asking $164,800 for 819 square feet.
Unit 522: Asking $164,800 for 819 square feet.
Unit 720: Asking $174,800 for 860 square feet.
Unit 207: Asking $179,800 for 892 square feet.
Unit 510: Asking $299,800 for 1,470 square feet.
Unit 718: Asking $334,800 for 1,600 square feet.
Every unit comes with one parking space. Condo fees, which include real estate taxes, range from $517 for the smallest unit currently listed to $989 for the most expensive one currently listed. This also includes the monthly electric, gas, and water bills.
·. The Park Shelton [Official]

Park Shelton

15 E Kirby St, Detroit, MI