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Owner of Bridge Monopoly Still Interested in Keeping Monopoly

Matty Moroun, the owner of Detroit's only international bridge to Canada, wants to keep being the owner of Detroit's only bridge to Canada. Because that is how monopolies work and the dude is pretty damn rich. So when the city of Detroit started discussing the sale of 301 parcels in Delray to the state in order to build the NITC bridge, Matty sent over an offer to buy up the land instead. Since he has the cash to throw around, he threw in an extra $1M.
While the state deal would sell the mostly vacant land for $1.4M, Matty has offered the Mayor and city council $1.5M for it, plus $1M more for what he calls "redevelopment of the community." It is clear that the multiple failed lawsuits have not slowed Matty's enthusiasm for fighting the competing bridge, which would mostly be funded by the Canadian government.
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