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Glass-Enclosed Restaurant & Patio Planned Downtown

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Townhouse already announced plans for a new downtown Detroit location, but Eater Detroit has revealed that the Birmingham-based restaurant aspires to go beyond simply filling an empty storefront. Complete with a retractable roof, Townhouse Detroit plans to build a greenhouse-like dining room right next to One Detroit Center with seating for 120.

The outdoorsy dining experience is kind of Townhouse's signature, but the Detroit restaurant will push that idea far beyond the the Birmingham location. Surrounding the greenhouse, additional seating and fire pits will fill an outdoor patio space.
You know an idea is ambitious when One Detroit Center—one of downtown's architectural highlights and biggest listings—will be the least exciting part of a space. The high-rise will hold the kitchen and catering areas. Assuming the city gives the go-ahead, Townhouse Detroit hopes to open in late spring/early summer. Eater has several more renderings of the space at the link below.
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One Detroit Center

500 Woodward, Detroit, 48226