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Strathmore Rehab: 40% Affordable Housing Still the Plan

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Can't get enough of the Strathmore rehab? Nor can city officials, apparently. Promising "details for redevelopment of the historic Strathmore Hotel," the city convened an on-site press conference this morning. Here are the highlights:
1. The $28M in financing needed for the rehab has been secured. Like, for sure.
2. As was revealed nearly a year ago, 40% of the Strathmore's future apartments will be "affordable" housing reserved for low-income tenants.
3. Strathmore's first rendering looks like a perspective drawing from an introductory art class. Hopefully, something a bit more inspired will appear before the project finishes up in 2016.
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Strathmore Hotel

160 Alexandrine St W , Detroit, MI 48201