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$500K: Enormous "Urban Palace" Has a Basement Ballroom

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Asking a mere $499,900, an 8,800-square-foot historic behemoth is up for grabs in Arden Park. Like many similarly ridiculous estates in Detroit, it was for a big player in the auto industry. According to, this one appeared in 1916 for Byron Everitt, a co-founder of the short-lived car company E-M-F. According to the realtor, the mansion hasn't been on the market for 70 years.

We're still trying to snag a few interior photos, but the listing paints an impressive picture of what it calls a 3-story "urban palace." The kitchen comes with a butler's pantry, breakfast nook, dumbwaiter and the "original refrigeration room." More than a couple limestone fireplaces are scattered around the first floor. For all you well-read drinkers out there, the library features a hidden wet bar.
And that's just the first floor. Head down the marble stairs to the lower level's "expansive" basement ballroom, children's playroom, and a billiards room with its own (unhidden) wet bar. There's a grand total of 7 bedrooms and 6 bathrooms, but that's not counting the "complete apartment" above the carriage house out back.

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