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Professional Plaza Saved: Rehab Plan Calls For 75 Apartments

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Photography by Chris and Michelle Gerard

Professional Plaza has been saved. Long targeted for demolition by the new medical building rising next door, the Free Press reports that Professional Plaza was snatched from the fire by Roxbury Group, which plans a renovation into a 75-unit apartment building called The Plaza. Of course, there will also be street-level retail.

When the demolition plan was first announced in 2013, tipsters speculated that Professional Plaza's original glass facade had been neglected to the point of needing total replacement. Turns out, they were right: The plan calls for a brand new glass facade, which should make the Plaza Apartments an especially shiny place to live.
Overall, the rehab plan is an undeniable win over the original vision, which saw the mid-century landmark demolished to make room for a three-story parking garage. Total costs are pegged at $20M, and we're told to look for construction sometime closer to mid-year.
UPDATE: We now have more details and a rendering of the Professional Plaza rehab.

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Professional Plaza

3800 Woodward, Detroit, mi