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Now Rehabbed, $6K Tax Auction Dump Attempts $170K Flip

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This historic home near Boston Edison is hoping to pull off an epic flip. If you keep an eye on the county's annual tax auction, you might recognize 90 Glynn Court from 2013, when it sold in the first round for $6,000. It was looking pretty scraggily back then. The 1,800-square-foot house hit the market just last weekend sporting a sparkling new interior and an asking price to match: $169,900.
Built in 1910, the house has an incredibly strange layout, eschewing normal bedrooms in favor of two master suites. Those are your two full bathrooms, with a lonely powder room somewhere else inside.
The big question: is this a legitimate remod or a money pit hidden under bright white paint? The roof and the plumbing system are brand new, taking care of two major expenses. The kitchen and bathrooms show some investment. On the other hand, the walls in the third floor "writers studio" look awful, and we're wondering why someone went out of their way to spruce up the basement floor. Covering evidence of water, perhaps?

· Listing: 90 Glynn Court [Estately]