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Penobscot Building Ponders Reopening Observation Deck

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Closed to the public for decades, the Penobscot Building's top floor observation deck might one day reopen. The Penobscot's ownership, Triple Properties, is "exploring the possibility" of reactivating the observation deck, reports the Free Press. The chance to stand atop Detroit's third-tallest building could become a popular draw. It would beat the hassle/price involved with a visit to Coach Insignia, the restaurant atop Detroit's tallest building. The Freep also reports that Triple is working to repair the glowing red ball atop the Penobscot's rooftop tower. The iconic orb has been partially dark for weeks.
· What's up with the Penobscot Building's light? [Freep]
[Photo: Jeremy Whiting/Curbed Detroit Photo Pool]

Penobscot Building

645 Griswold Street, , MI 48226