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Midtown's Facade Facelift Program Spreads to Woodbridge

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If your go-to party store is Star of Woodward in Midtown, picking up beer is a classier experience than it used to be. The store's stark exterior (a glowing LIQUOR BEER WINE LOTTO sign) was replaced by a much nicer display accented with light blue paint. A few blocks away, those loyal to Marcus Market saw an even greater transformation in 2013, when the store got new signage, a pleasing color scheme, and even picnic tables . Both transformations—and many others across Midtown—were made possible by Midtown Detroit Inc (MDI), which offers 50/50 matching grants through its facade improvement program.

According to Model D (which explores facade improvements in-depth), MDI's coverage area—currently limited to Midtown and New Center—will expand to Woodbridge sometime later this year. For now, keep an eye out for improvements at Addison Eatery in Midtown and New Center's Cafe con Leche.
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