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Cass Plaza Still Looks Awful, But Rehab Simmers Within

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Photography by Chris and Michelle Gerard

Cass Plaza isn't showing much outward improvement, but the plus-sized eyesore is firmly on the road to respectability. Pat Dorn, Executive Director at the CCNDC, filled us in on progress thus far. Crews are nearly finished gutting all six floors of the interior. With Cass Plaza's innards in the dumpster, repairs to the structure's steel skeleton can begin. It's hard to imagine, but this wreck will eventually contain 39 affordable apartments and even a little storefront on Cass.

The timeline calls for everything to be done by August, so look for the rehab to gain momentum once it gets warmer outside. The CCNDC is also behind the Davenport rehab next door, which we wrote about earlier this week. Dorn added that the first residents are moving in today.

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Cass Plaza

3550 Cass Avenue, Detroit, MI 48201