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CPA's New Ownership Leaves Building Open for Weeks

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The parade o' neglect continues at the CPA Building, which is rapidly becoming more of an open-air gazebo than a building. A barricade on the Michigan Avenue frontage has been toppled for at least a few weeks now, leaving the historic structure's interior even more vulnerable than usual.

There was some hope that the CPA's long slide into rubble would be reversed (or at least stalled) when Sequoia Property Parters paid $900K for the building in June. Back then, Sequoia released a statement asking for "ideas from the community on the best use for this property."
Unless there's a suggestion box somewhere behind that plywood, there's no means by which to submit those ideas. If you happen to believe its highest use is something other than a graffiti receptacle or a crashpad for runaway cars, you'll have to figure out a way to get in touch with Sequoia's reported owners, Vivek Garipalli and Robert Zalkin.
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