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Charlotte Apartments Rehab Looks Stuck in the Mud

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What on earth is going on with the Charlotte Apartments rehab? Two years ago, it was announced that historic building (abandoned at the time) would undergo a $6.1M conversion into 27 apartments for homeless veterans and those with special needs. According to the original timeline, the project should've finished up last summer. Aside from a handful of new windows near the back, progress has been almost undetectable since Charlotte was first gutted in 2013.

Detroit Central City, the agency behind the project, hasn't responded to our inquiries. Nor can we find any mention of the Charlotte Apartments on their website or social media accounts since the initial announcement. Has the plan changed, or are they simply taking it slow 'n steady? On second thought, "steady" isn't an applicable word for a brick shell held together by a few planks since 2013.

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