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Ground Floor of 1505 Woodward is Momentarily Naked

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[Photography by Chris and Michelle Gerard]

Don't look now, but the ground floor of 1505 Woodward is completely naked. The architectural pantsing is the most obvious sign of life seen at Gilbert-owned building since 2013, when neighbors reported seeing lights burning on the upper floors for the first time in years. Constructed in 1931 as men's clothing Retailer Richman Brothers, the sleek exterior design comes courtesy of Albert Kahn. Bedrock didn't immediately respond to our request for renovation info, but we do know that the plan has the upper floors configured as office space. One thing is for sure: 1501 Woodward is a heifer. Its 8 floors add up to 48,000 square feet, leaving it slightly roomier than the Madison Building.

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1505 Woodward

1505 Woodward, Detroit, MI