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Remod Planned For Retro Motel Building in West Village

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Last known as the Parker House Apartments, this hunk of mid-century hotel architecture in West Village will reportedly be brought back to life. A press release from Friedman Real Estate brags of having sold the festive building to a buyer who plans on "extensive renovations," but we're still hunting for specifics. What will the buyer do with such a weird setup?

Records on the building are contradictory, but the most reliable looking numbers show the building coming to life in the early 1960s. You have to imagine that it was born to be a hotel. Supporting evidence includes a source that still lists the zoning as "hotel," and the fact that 24 of the 36 units are studios. Plus, it's easy to image a tiny pool and a few plastic flamingos in the center courtyard. Last we heard, the building was vacant and boarded up.
Unfortunately, info on the sale itself is limited. The buyer is identified as London Investments Corp, but any additional info on the sale itself is not disclosed. If you have anything to add, please find us on the tipline.

· Listing: 666 Parker [Loopnet]