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Cyclist Counters, Public Repair Stations Coming to Cass Ave

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Because the M1 streetcar tracks will eventually claim the outermost lanes of Woodward Avenue, an effort is underway to make parallel-running Cass Avenue the sexier street for cyclists. Remember when MDOT quietly budgeted $1M for non-motorized "Cass Avenue Improvements" last year? It looks like that cash will come to life in 2015. Bike lanes, public bike repair stations, and even cyclist-counting robots are all on the agenda.

Bike Lanes:
This summer, Cass will gain bike lanes stretching from from W. Grand to Lafayette. At that point, "a mixture of bike lanes, sharrows, and off-road paths" will get cyclists the last few blocks to the RiverWalk.
Counting Kiosks:
The bike-counting kiosks work by embedding a small cord in a bike lane, allowing a real-time count of daily cyclist traffic that's also viewable online. Portland installed one in 2012 and hasn't shut up about it ever since. Two of the devices will be installed on Cass, but their exact location is unknown.
Repair Stations:
It's not clear what the public bike repair stations will look like in Detroit, but they all achieve the same thing. The devices hold the bike in place, allowing cyclists to use the provided air pump/tools to make adjustments on the go. An example can be seen here.
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