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Wurlitzer Building Close to Becoming ASH NYC's Next Rehab

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Has the no-luck Wurlitzer Building finally found its savior? Motor City Muckraker reports that ASH NYC, a Brooklyn-based design/development firm, has already paid up to $100K to stabilize the brick-dropping Wurlitzer and could close on the sale as early as tomorrow. MCM claims that the company's plan would see the building restored as a boutique hotel with restaurant space downstairs.

ASH NYC's name can be found on interior design and historic redevelopment work all over New York City, including a former glassworks factory in Bushwick. Company co-founder Ari Heckman, a contender in Curbed's inaugural Young Guns contest in 2013, told MCM that the company is "very excited about potentially being involved in Detroit and the welcome the city has given us to date."If the sale closes, ASH NYC has a big project ahead. The 14-story Wurlitzer was built in 1926 and has spent the last 33 years in decay.
UPDATE (2:50PM): The Detroit News confirms the building is under contract to be sold for $1.1M, but doesn't name any specific buyer.

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