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Nicole Curtis Announces Ransom Gillis Open HouseNight Work Ramps up on Alfred Street as Deadline Approaches

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Photos by Curbed staff
Photos by Curbed staff

HGTV host Nicole Curtis announced Wednesday that the open house for Ransom Gillis will take place "in the next couple of weeks." The host of The Rehab Addict won't say exactly when the unveiling will happen, but invites us to obsessively check her social media. "I only give a day or two notice due to scheduling," her Facebook announcement read in part. Work continues late into the evenings on the makeover of the 1876 Brush Park mansion. We were keen to see the goings on, and snapped an impromptu series of informal photographs. We also may have jokingly attempted to scale the fence while Nicole Curtis offered friendly advice from a black SUV.

We checked out 205 Alfred on a whim around 9:30 pm on a weeknight. The house, lit up like Christmas, was a hive of activity. The new stained glass window is in, and the home now has two stately entrances, giving credence to the intel that the reno will make Ransom Gillis into a multi-family building.

As a Curbed staffer in a dress with pink flamingoes on it made her fake attempt, Curtis drove up and offered a little advice.

"Honey, my security guys might come check you out," she said. She explained that she'd come by to check on her crew, and our attempt at fence-climbing (not possible for many reasons, including improper footgear and that dress) might distract the guards from actual…guarding. Despite our failure there, the pictures show a project in the last phases, and some grand new additions, including the tall, paneled front doors, striking white buttresses, and that round stained glass window.

As for the open house, we'll keep scouring Twitter and Facebook. Not to mention hounding the project's PR man whose in box probably hit full capacity about ten minutes after Curtis' social media notice.

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Ransom Gillis House

205 Alfred Street, , MI 48201