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Improve Detroit App Fixes 10,000 Problems in Six Months

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According to the Mayor's office, since its launch in April, the city's Improve Detroit app has helped officials find and correct 10,000 problems. Many of the fixes involve blight, including illegal dumping and excessive roadside trash.

By the numbers:

· 3,000 illegal dumping sites mitigated
· 550 abandoned cars and trucks removed
· 2,000 potholes fixed
· 275 traffic signal issues corrected
· 1,000 complaints about running water in vacant homes addressed

In a statement, Mayor Mike Duggan lauded the program. "The Improve Detroit app has ushered in a new era of customer service and accountability in city government," he said. "It's never been easier for Detroiters to get their voices heard and their complaints taken care of."

Given the recent report on blight and how mitigating blight improves property values, this program seems like a win win, even if not every problem is fixed as quickly as a resident might hope.

Got a story of your own Improve Detroit experience, bad or good? We'd love to hear from you.

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