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Curbed O'Ween Day 3: Detroit Bus Company's Houdini, the Final Day

Photos via <a href=""> </a><span class="credit"> the Detroit Bus Company <a href=""> and the Walter Reuther Library</a></span>
Photos via the Detroit Bus Company and the Walter Reuther Library

Today, we're featuring Detroit Bus Company's scary-sounding tour, Houdini: The Final Day. The two-hour bus tour begins at Foran's Grand Trunk before heading off to explore sites important to the famed magician and escape artist's final day.

The organizers promise thrills, and that guests will retrace the last steps of Harry Houdini, whose death in Detroit actually occurred on Halloween in 1926. One site integral to the story, Detroit Grace Hospital, still operates nearly 90 years later as DMC Sinai-Grace Hospital, the largest of the eight hospitals that make up Detroit Medical Center.

No alcohol is permitted on the tour, though organizers say guests are welcome to bring soft drinks and snacks in soft-sided coolers. Tickets are $30.99 and may only be purchased online, not at the bus itself. The Houdini tours begin Thursday, Oct 22 and conclude with a final evening on Halloween. Tours are at 7:30 PM and 9:30 PM, and begin at Foran's. Organizers ask that ticketed customers arrive 15 minutes before departure.

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