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6-Bedroom, 4.5-Bath Boston Edison Home Slashes Price

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Photos via <a href="http://www.zillow.com/homes/for_sale/Detroit-MI/fsba,fsbo,fore,new_lt/88766847_zpid/17762_rid/42.500706,-82.803612,42.204361,-83.394127_rect/10_zm/2_p/0_mmm/?3col=true"> Zillow</a>
Photos via Zillow

When we last wrote about this place, its ask price was $219K, and our copy said something to the effect that the kitchen looked pretty okay. Our commenters begged to differ, and we tend to agree—listing photographs show things you can't really ignore, like gaps between the cabinets and the walls, and a weird gap between the dishwasher and the wall that makes zero sense in a 1922 home. The house has many of its original leaded glass windows with a few (glaring) exceptions. So you'll see a door with honey comb leading next to a blank glass one that's clearly a cheap replacement.

With nearly 4500 square feet, this Boston Edison near-mansion has a very pretty original fireplace and lovely carved woodwork, especially on the stair rails and bannisters. The crown moldings look good, and the home also has a vast, well-tended back yard and a detached 2-car garage (in mediocre condition, if the photos are accurate). The roof also looks pretty beat up, and the hardwood floors look like they need refinishing, neither of which are cheap items.

Despite dropping the price from $219 to $179.9K—a whopping $40K reduction—we're not sure if the house is a deal or a money pit. The new kitchen already needs work (spaces, weird cabinets), and the listing doesn't say a word about mechanicals at all. In Boston Edison, a home that size with this house's nice details should command $200K or more, but not if it needs a ton of work.

While we have doubts, the listing copy has a boldness we halfway admire. After a glowing description of the place, the listing wraps with "Seller expects multiple offers. Highest & best offers are due by 5pm October 10, 2015." We're not sure what happens on Oct 11, but we're thinking that they'd probably take offers then, too—if they come anywhere near the ask price.

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