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Route 50 Focuses on Cycling in Detroit

Photos via Route 50 and Gregor MacDonald

Route 50 is devoting tons of ink (well, bandwidth) to Detroit's resurgent bicycle culture. With Tour de Troit boasting an unprecedented 7,000 riders, we're wondering if the Motor City will be a motorless one someday. Not if winter, sprawl and I-75 have anything to do with it, but the Route 50 piece has some interesting ideas about how Detroit is becoming bike friendly, and what the future holds for cycling in the city. Given that Live Cycle Delight was this year's Hatch Detroit $50K prizewinner, we'd say Route 50 is onto something.

·Resurgent Detroit's Transportation Retrofit: More Bicycle Infrastructure [Route 50]
·Live Cycle Delight Wins 2015 Hatch Prize [Curbed Detroit]