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Wallet Hub Ranks Detroit as Second Worst Halloween City

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Metro Times is calling out a new study that ranks Detroit 98th out of 100 US cities as worst for Halloween. Given our own series of Curbed O'Ween events, tours, haunted places and general only-in-Detroit awesomeness, we agree with MT. We've summed up a few choice Curbed O'Ween ideas. Enjoy, and make sure to scroll to the end to see what you can do to prove Wallet Hub wrong about our town.

We not only dispute Wallet Hub's data—which as MT pointed out is mostly about population density, ticket prices and crime statistics—but have at least five great ideas (and a handy do-it-yourself spooky Detroit tour map) as proof that we are 100% not the worst.

1. Curbed Maps Detroit's Spookiest Places
Detroit may actually be the best Halloween town, if you go by the sheer number of legitimately spooky places alone. Our map has you covered for DIY Halloween touring in the Motor City.

2. Houdini tour with The Detroit Bus Company​
Let the Detroit Bus Company take you on a fun tour of sites integral to the famed magician's final day–he died in Detroit on Halloween, 1926.

3. Iconic Detroit (Haunted) Building of the Week: The Whitney
Not only is this grand old mansion purportedly haunted, they're putting on a slate of amazing Halloween events. Tickets are expensive—and going fast—but a four-course gourmet meal, tours and an evening in one of the city's most beautiful houses go a long way towards justifying the price.

4. Scary Movies at Cinema Detroit
Cinema Detroit has Goodnight Mommy, as we reported, but has also added a spate of scary movies for Halloween weekend including an 18 hour horror film marathon.

5. Burton, Elfman and Costumes at Orchestra Place
The Detroit Symphony Orchestra will perform two concerts of Tim Burton and Danny Elfman's movie themes this weekend, and audience members are encouraged to come in Costume.

6. Historic Cemetery Tour
This tour of Mount Elliott Cemetery takes place a little after Halloween (Nov 7), but remains spooky nevertheless.

Curbed wants your stories about why Detroit is the best Halloween city in the US. If you have great trick-or-treating photos, Halloween tales or pictures of Detroit-themed costumes, we'd love to have them for our wrap-up of Curbed O'Ween and to prove to the good people at Wallet Hub that there's no party like a Detroit (Halloween) party. Send your best stuff to

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