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Boston Edison Mega Flip Sticks Landing with Sale

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Photos via <a href=""> Estately</a><br>
Photos via Estately

When flipper/designer/self-described preservationist Sam Szabla's latest project, a 6-bed, 4.5 bath, 1916 beaux arts mansion in Boston Edison, went on the market this summer for just under $500K, Curbed readers reacted with the kind of irritation usually reserved for persistent skin infections. The place has 7000 square feet, a design studio and a super cute carriage house apartment, not to mention a brand-new new cooks' kitchen lousy with Brazilian stone. Readers still weren't feeling the love after an $80K price chop, but the house sold this week, making Szabla's initial $68K investment seem like the steal of a lifetime.

The house initially listed at $499.9K before dropping its ask $80K in August. This move was a clear winner. The house sold this week for its most recent ask price, $419.9K. At least one reader will say he told us so. Because…well, he told us so. We can only speculate about the cost of renovations, but buying a house for $68K and selling it for $419.9K barely a year later (that's a $350K turnaround, in case you don't have a calculator handy) is nice work if you can get it. And Mr. Szabla got it when he tried.

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