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DC3 Releases Video Highlighting Detroit Design

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Photo via Detroit Creative Corridor Center

While Design Festival has come and gone, the Detroit Creative Corridor Center (DC3) keeps up its mission of recognizing and supporting design in the motor city. Working with Emmy Award-winning filmmaker Stephen McGee, the nonprofit produced a three-minute video that shows off a multiplicity of fabulous Detroit structures (the Guardian, Michigan Central Station, and the Grand Army of the Republic building among them). Shot over the course of the summer, with a little bit of Design Fest's Under the Cut thrown in for good measure, the video is a 3-minute love letter to Detroit.

While the video looks simple, McGee put in six weeks at each location. DC3 says that the goal of the project was "to intentionally produce a film that overwhelms the viewer with Detroit's rich legacy of design." Mission accomplished. According to DC3, organizer of the event, this year's Detroit Design Festival drew over 40 thousand attendees and included work by 350 designers, many home grown. Given the city's rich legacy of design, as shown in this video, calling Detroit "design city" seems apt.

"Detroit: City of Design" Detroit Creative Corridor presents a film by Stephen McGee from Detroit Design Festival on Vimeo.

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