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Quicken Loans' Detroit Digs Chosen #1 "Awesome Office"

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Photos via <a href="http://dpopculture.com"> dPOP!</a><br>
Photos via dPOP!

The Street, an online source for all things finance—news, commentary, analysis—voted Detroit's own Quicken Loans as #1 on their list of "10 Awesome Offices Where You Wish You Worked." We toured some of the fine facilities in Rock Ventures' collection of Campus Martius spaces just yesterday, and can attest to the correctness of The Street's choice.

From the atrium at One Campus Martius (formerly Compuware), with its soaring, candy colored water feature, to the executive suite at Rock with its gigantic aquarium (with blown-glass "coral" reef), to the actual bank vault at dPOP (the Quicken-owned design firm responsible for all this interior decorating magic), Quicken's offices are beautiful, colorful and alive with kinetic energy.

The offices of Quicken-owned dPOP inside Chrysler House

The banking floor at Quicken, which brings in much of the cash to fund all this gorgeousness, is full of bright colors and quirky, high-end office furniture. The Herman Miller chairs have structural supports that reminded us a bit of human spines. Decals made by Rock/Quicken holding Fathead serve as nameplates for workers, and the open space seems to foster quick communication among the hundreds of banking professionals working on the floor. Quicken's bankers enjoy access to Qzine, a cafeteria like no other in the city.

The Banking Floor at Quicken Loans:

From the gigantic model map of Rock Ventures holdings at the Rock offices, to the Cleveland Cavaliers half-court and free throw game machines, to the all-white conference space and pingpong/yoga area at dPOP, these offices make us wish our math skills—and physical stamina—were up to a banking position with the loan giant.

Someone who does have these skills, Quicken purchase banker Dana McNabb, spends up to ten hours a day on the floor, selling mortgages to new clients and servicing existing accounts. She says that the office's design makes her happy to go to work every day.

"Going to work every day is a great experience. The company took great care to make our workspace comfortable, ergonomically friendly, and visually stimulating," McNabb said. "It's nothing like working in a grey-walled cubicle. There are wild colors everywhere, walls you can write on, music thumping, and razor scooters zipping by. It keeps team members in an upbeat mindset," she added.

One Campus Martius and Rock Ventures:

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