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Coming Soon to Eastern Market: Up to 210 Residential Units

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Detroit City Council is considering plans that would add over 200 rental units in Eastern Market, Crain's reports. Spread out over two different projects aiming to offer the very usual Detroit situation of "mixed use" space including retail and residential rentals. One of the projects, proposed by Town Real Estate, would create a combination hotel and apartment complex, adding 154 apartments, up to 160 hotel rooms and another 28 spaces available for commercial businesses.

Proposed by developer Joey Jonna, the other Eastern Market project consists of an entirely new building that would offer 80,000-square-feet of space to commercial and residential tenants, spread out over four stories. Crain's also reports that Town wants their project to enjoy perks of Public Act 210 of 2005, aka, property tax abatement for up to a full decade. Nice work if you can get it. And you can get it if you try…and City Council says yes.

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