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Detroit's Golden Sign Co. Leaves Its Mark on the City's Rebirth

Detroit's recovery from a very low point, the record-setting municipal bankruptcy filed in July 2013, has captured widespread attention—it's hard to turn away when in between news of mass foreclosures there are also spectacular examples of burgeoning creativity (bank-turned-amazing home, blight relieved by flowers, a new gallery by developer Gary Wasserman, to name a few.) It's in this bustling scene that two Detroit-area natives, Jordan Zielke and Kelly Golden (no relation to Curbed Detroit's editor), both 28, have staked out an unique, exciting position to witness and contribute to a rebuilding city. After all, Zielke and Golden's traditional (meaning everything by hand) sign painting venture, Golden Sign Co., is quite literally giving local businesses brand new looks and starts.

From the new Carhartt flagship to various bike shops >>