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Donaldson & Meier Home by Mayor's House Up for Auction

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Photos via <a href=""> Detroit Land Bank Authority</a><br>
Photos via Detroit Land Bank Authority

Built in 1925, this 2000-square-foot home just steps away from Kid Rock's house and the Manoogian Mansion needs work. To be precise, it needs at least $312,000 in work, according to the Work Scope Report commissioned by its current owner, the Detroit Land Bank. The house, so intensely shrouded in ivy that no windows are visible from the street, still has some of its original character. A hint of stonework on the facade and the graceful shape of a single gable make it obvious that this could be a stunning house.

The house has a modest backyard, and the neighborhood gives you easy access to the river and Belle Isle. Not to mention that the architects, Donaldson & Meier, put up a few other notable Detroit structures, like the David Stott Building, the Penobscot Building and Cooley High. You'd not only count Kid Rock (totally the pride of Romeo!) as your neighbor, but with Mayor Duggan in the Manoogian, you might casually ask to borrow a cup of sugar—or a pile of signed building permits. Bidding starts tomorrow, Wednesday Nov 11, at 9 am. The opening bid? $1000.

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