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Celebrity Chef Mario Batali Leaves his Mark at Heidelberg Project

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Food Network mainstay, Iron Chef and renowned New York City restauranteur Mario Batali spent a little time in the Motor City last month and today shared photographs of his visit to the Heidelberg Project. Batali took an eating tour of Detroit in October, creating an Instagram tour of the city.

While Heidelberg isn't generally synonymous with fine dining, the 29-year-old folk art space on the east side has hosted dinners on-site, and founding artist Tyree Guyton welcomed Batali with open arms—and a paintbrush. We don't know if the orange Crocks were an homage to Heidelberg, but the orange dot Batali painted certainly is. Batali seemed to relish his time at the Detroit art attraction. His comment about the experience "Still amazed by the genius that is The Heidelberg Project, a Detroit-based community organization to improve the lives of people and neighborhoods through art…just wow."

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