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20 Instagram Accounts for Detroit Architecture Lovers

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the whole picture. #detroitusa

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With over 127 square miles to cover, these 20 amateur and professional photographers don't rest until they can find a new way to capture both the familiar and unfamiliar sections of Detroit. To create this list, Curbed took a look at this article by Thrillist and this top five list Curbed Detroit put together only a month ago. If interested in seeing what other cities have to offer, take a look at Curbed's Instagram suggestions for San Francisco, New York, and Washington, D.C. Have any other suggestions for architecture-focused Instagrammers who should have made it on this list? Let us know in the comments!

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2. ItCameFromDetroit

3. TonyDetroit

4. PiecesOfDetroit

5. Motor_City_Muckraker

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6. VisitDetroit

A photo posted by Visit Detroit (@visitdetroit) on

7. Brushpark_MyHood

8. L_i_v_e_F_r_e_e_

A photo posted by E D (@l_i_v_e_f_r_e_e_) on

9. Detroit_Chiver

A photo posted by Ahmad M (@detroit_chiver) on

10. RawDetroit

A photo posted by RAWDETROIT (@rawdetroit) on

11. Cadillac_Flatts

12. Drummerg3

A photo posted by Glen Detroit (@drummerg3) on

13. Detroit.Rad

A photo posted by Adam Patrick (@detroit.rad) on

14. Monica.Manning

15. Mdotbrown_

A photo posted by Marcel.Brown (@mdotbrown_) on

16. Tshear15

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17. Ty_Shots_

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18. Decaydence

A photo posted by Tom (@decaydence) on

19. Reelaerials_Detroit

20. Harris_Jeriel

A photo posted by Uncle Gene (@harris_jeriel) on

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