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Detroit's Best Instagrams Show the City from Every Angle

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With over 127 square miles, Detroit is a vast city and there's something new to behold around every corner. These five Instagram accounts show the city to its best advantage, and will let you make new discoveries, even for longtime residents who thought they knew every nook, cranny, mural and Coney.

1) Tony Detroit

Detroit photographer and third-generation Chrysler worker Tony Majka has been capturing the city on Instagram almost as long as that platform has existed. His otherworldly use of light makes the city seem like a gothic fantasy. In an interview for Mextures, Majka said "[A]nybody can take a picture of something that's already obviously beautiful. But to me, taking that same picture and turning it into something ominous is art."


A photo posted by tony detroit (@tonydetroit) on

2. Camera Jesus

Joe Call brings a unique perspective to his pictures of the city. His architectural work is particularly nice, and his portraits of area residents really capture the spirit of the city.

3. Awesome Mitten

The Michigan travel blog focuses on every good and great thing in the state. If you need to find a good day trip away from the city, Awesome Mitten has you covered. Their Instagram account often features really lovely Detroit photos, from angles you might not expect.

Awesome shot of fog over the #Detroit skyline by @hayden__scott. #mittenlove

A photo posted by Awesome Mitten (@awesomemitten) on

4. l_i_v_e_f_r_e_e_

This account by shows real diversity in terms of subject matter and compositions. You see nearly every neighborhood in the city represented, and the portraits say as much about Detroit as the buildings. This isn't a place for ruin porn, are we're grateful to see a real and beautiful collection of Detroit images.

S H A D O W P L A Y E R S // #LiveFreeShoot #Detroit

A photo posted by E D (@l_i_v_e_f_r_e_e_) on

5. slimspidey

Detroit freelance photographer Tony Barchock gets some of the best shots of the city, getting into places most people can't access. His familiarity with the city and its trickier shooting locations led an English photo crew shooting the Packard Plant this summer to call on him for advice when they temporarily lost track of a tiger in the abandoned factory. The owner/operator of Francis Fotos, Barchock's work has appeared in Curbed as well as Crain's Detroit Business and Detroit Beer Press.

volunteering ftw #belleisle #aquarium #detroit

A photo posted by Tony Barchock (@slimspidey) on

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